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 With Dr. Jesse J. Michaels Book and Companion Journal


extra profile photoDr. Michaels’ in-depth spiritual and nutritional teaching’s on health and wholeness, in his book, is a true beacon of light to the countless who are searching for the answers to healing and wholeness in spirit, mind and body.

After having experienced several life-threatening diseases himself and having sought out alternative nutritional therapies, after conventional medicine was unsuccessful, Dr. Michaels’ answers came through the understanding that the reason he was experiencing disease was because he was not following God’s way of attaining health and wholeness.

Recognizing the truth this knowledge held, Dr. Michaels began several years of Theological and Nutritional studies and began applying what he had learned along the way to living a life of health and wholeness according to Scripture.

After experiencing restored health, Dr. Michaels vowed to share the wisdom he received concerning health and wholeness for the spirit, mind, and body to all those in need in his book Those who have ears – let them Hear .

The book has various prayers to help the reader in their journey and contains more than 1,100 scripture verses that Dr. Michaels expounds on to reveal Gods truths for obtaining health and wholeness.

Chapters include:

The Answer

God’s Divine Ways

Healthy and Whole

The Root Cause of Disease

Living a Life in Obedience to God

Negative Emotions

Steps to Forgiveness

Spiritual fasting

Sabbath Rest

Healing the Body

and many more!


Dr. Jesse J. Michaels holds a Doctorate in Theology (Th.D.), teaching the truths about God’s Word on Health and Wholeness in Spirit, Mind and Body; he also holds a degree as a Doctor of Naturopathy (N.D.), is a Certified Nutritional Counselor (C.N.C.), a Messianic Minister  (MMin.) and an Ordained Reverend.


“I was inwardly cheering that important truths were coming out. In all, the book seems to express the Lord’s perspective of yearning for better lives.” – Paul Liberman ~ President MJAA

“This book is for anyone who desires to be healed spiritually, emotionally, and physically and be in right relationship with YHWH (God). Dr. Michaels has left no stone unturned in seeking out the Scriptural truth of all areas of healing.”  – Dr. Patricia Duke ~ His Heart Ministries

“The foundational truths and principles in this book are par excellence! Dr. Michaels wrote this ‘need to read’ book based on sound principles.”   – Dr. Liebenberg ~ Hebraic Teaching Group

“Insightful and effective – with firsthand experience in accomplishing a fully restored body and spiritual life.”  – Danette Golden ~ KHNC Radio Host/Director


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