This Companion Journal is a very helpful tool for the reader to record pertinent information from Dr. Michaels’ book Those who have ears ~ let them Hear, as well as, for documenting the progress they are making spiritually, emotionally, and physically in their journey towards health and wholeness.

There are 248 blank lined pages in the Companion Journal. Each page is graced with a Scripture verse taken from Dr. Michaels’ book.


“As I was reading your book, I found that I was inwardly cheering that important truths were coming out.” – Paul Liberman ~ President MJAA

“This book is for anyone who desires to be healed spiritually, emotionally, and physically and be in right relationship with YHWH (God). Dr. Michaels has left no stone unturned in seeking out the Scriptural truth of all areas of healing.”  – Dr. Patricia Duke ~ His Heart Ministries

“Dr. Michaels book is insightful and effective – with firsthand experience in accomplishing a fully restored body and spiritual life. His book brings a full spectrum perspective on healing Body, Soul and Spirit.”  – Danette Golden ~ KHNC Radio Host/Director


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